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Foresight Platform

Revolutionize energy, resource, and carbon management at manufacturing sites, industrial plants, and transportation companies, optimizing asset performance and efficiency without compromising on production quality.
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Reduce energy & carbon
Find and implement optimal operating regimes for resource efficiency and lower production costs
Maximize renewable use
Seamlessly integrate renewable sources into your energy mix and track effectiveness
Eliminate tariff surcharges
Proactively identify peak demand conditions, allowing for strategic adjustments in energy usage
TRACK ESG Performance
Simply and accurately report on sustainability, carbon standards, and environmental compliance
Increase Uptime & SLAs

Boost uptime and service levels for customers while extending the useful life of crucial components, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Empower Your Operations

Production Optimization

Automatically identify and implement operating regimes that reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions in real-time. Implement AI-recommended control settings in either open- or closed-loop to achieve quantified energy and cost savings. 
Foresight Optima Production Optimization
Energy Efficiency Index
Best-in-Cluster Analysis
Cost per SKU tracking
Optimize With Precision

Scenario Planner

Simulate specific objectives for production output, quality, and energy usage, and add thousands of constraints—the multivariate optimisation will find your best energy performance, then implement the recommended control settings in time for the next shift.
Foresight Optima Scenario Planner
Multi-objective Scenario Optimization
Analysis 2
Sensitivity and Trade-off Analysis
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Open or Closed-Loop Implementation
Smart Energy Management

Optimize Hybrid Energy Mix

Automatically maximize energy use from renewable sources,  predict optimum energy mix and carbon emissions, and identify peak demand conditions to avoid incurring higher tariffs and penalties.

Foresight Optima Hybrid Energy Mix
Peak Demand
Peak Demand Optimization
Energy Mix 2
Energy Mix Optimization
Sustainable Progress

ESG Tracking

Automatically track and report progress on net zero emissions, sustainability goals, ESG and disclosure frameworks and ISO 50001 compliance.
Foresight Optima ESG Tracking Reporting
Automated Sustainability & ESG Reporting
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Advanced Fault Detection & Prevention

Anomaly Detection

Improve the precision of fault detection by accurately identifying both hard and soft faults. Gain a comprehensive understanding of faults by detecting anomalies across multiple variables. Stay alert to potential issues with equipment vibration sensitivity. Utilize sound analysis to pinpoint anomalies that may indicate operational issues or faults. Ensure the early and accurate detection of potential problems in your systems.

Anomoly Detection Laptop Screenshot
Unified Data language
Cross System Comparison



Automated Maintenance Reports
Seamless Asset Tracking

Digital Health Records

Meticulously records and maintains a digital history of each asset's performance and maintenance activities, providing an easily accessible, comprehensive view of an asset's health and history. This invaluable insight enables proactive maintenance decisions, enhances lifecycle management, and ensures consistent performance.
MacBook Screenshot Maintenance DHR
Context Aware Correlation
Engineering IP Repository
Engineering IP Repository



Streamlined Workflow Solutions

Automated Work Approval  & Spare Parts Integration

Codify approval policies across an end-to-end servicing workflow.  Leverage knowledge already captured in the enterprise and securely store engineering IP as well as supplier agreements.

Inference Benchmarking
RPA Service & Warranty



Advanced Workflow Insights

Workflow Analytics

Benchmark processes and resources, and view key workflow closure metrics such as resolution time and average time to repair.
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Energy Optimization In Practice

Customer Case Studies

Premier industrial manufacturers, extensive data center operators, transportation networks, and beyond depend on the Foresight platform for enhancing their energy efficiency and reducing their ecological footprint.

Lloyds Logo Square
Lloyd's Register
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Improved operational planning
  • Increased savings
Arc Tableware
Arc Tableware
  • Improved line productions throughput
  • Improved energy efficiency index 


Penspen Logo Square
  • 40% productivity improvement
  • Integrated ~10,000 legacy models onto Foresight Maintenance
  • Engineer time freed up for expert analysis and recommendations
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
  • Reduced service cycle time
  • Streamlined warranty & repair approval processes 
  • Reduced processing times
  • Enabled rapid expansion of service network 
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Embrace Smart Energy Management - Discover the Foresight Platform

Transform your business operations with the Foresight platform  – Where efficiency meets sustainability.