QiO helps Rolls-Royce digitally streamline compliance and performance tracking to improve quality, cost and delivery.

Like most manufacturers, Rolls-Royce Aerospace utilises process standardisation to improve quality, cost and delivery performance across its 48 sites around the globe. Improvement engineers were finding it difficult to prioritise where to focus initiatives that will have the greatest effect.

With dispersed facilities around the globe, driving process standardisation is a challenge. Current, manual processes using spreadsheets to assess and measure compliance to standards led to long lag-time. In addition, educating the workforce on updates to standard and sharing best practices was disconnected from the assessment process.

QiO Foresight Performance® provided them with instant contextual access to the latest process guides on any browser or device. Work cell team members are able to share and collaborate on best practices with peers around the world, creating a global community. Data reported from the shop floor is instantly available to improvement engineers and manufacturing leadership.

The result is that Rolls-Royce team members are now more engaged in the process. More teams are more compliant with more process standards. Innovations can grow organically on the factory floor and be shared globally instantly. Real-time reporting allows improvement engineers to target initiatives to the right place at the right time, ultimately, resulting in significant improvements in quality, cost and delivery.


How can we efficiently and effectively administer company standards?


  • More engagement and participation in the process
  • Creating culture of open collaboration
  • Ability to focus resource where needed most
  • Significant improvements in quality, cost and delivery