Helping Lloyd's Register identify stress-induced risks in ocean-going tankers.

The hull of an ocean tanker undergoes tremendous stress during operation. To understand these forces and how they affect performance and safety, vessels were retrofitted with sensors in the hulls. The sensors generate terabytes of data that needed to be collected and analysed. The volume of data and number of vessel journeys inhibited the ability for the client to compare journeys and vessel types using proprietary software.

Working with Lloyd’s Register, QiO Foresight Maintenance® was implemented to rapidly develop and deploy the vessel hull stress models. The volume of data from sensors, payload and product were easily ingested and analysed to determine potential points of failure across a fleet of vessels.


How do stress loads in the hull of a tanker effect the performance and safety of the vessel?


  • A responsive mobile real-time reporting interface
  • Greatly reduced burden for daily reporting and compliance
  • Project schedule integration and unified daily activity dashboard
  • Extensible digital vessel platform