Achieving performance objectives while enhancing employee engagement.

BFG is a leader in the global composite industry and specialises in the design and production of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and other composite mouldings.

BFG operates in market segments that are tightly regulated. Product quality performance must be measured, reported and acted upon at every stage of the procured, manufacturing, shipment and installation steps.

QiO Foresight Performance® allows BFG to consistently record quality performance at every step in the supply chain.

Using Foresight Performance, BFG has been able to communicate, collaborate and track product quality. BFG now has real-time visibility to key quality indicators across its supply chain functions. Foresight Performance’s reporting and smart UI capabilities allow the application to be used as a Visual Management Board. This helps with objective communication of team performance, drives continuous improvement and enhances employee engagement.


How do we create real-time visibility of our compliance to standard procedures?


  • Team members have access to the latest process guides on demand
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration to achieve goals
  • Real-time visibility of team performance
  • Able to prioritise resources where they are most effective