Provides a proven road-map and plan for industrial and manufacturing companies looking to fast-track digital transformation initiatives.

24 January 2019, London, UK – Industry 4.0 has become the adopted phrase for manufacturing and industrial companies to digitise silos of data generated from physical assets and integrate the data with business processes that cut across functional and organisational boundaries. 

QiO Technologies has released a white paper on Accelerating Industry 4.0 adoption. The paper addresses some of the key drivers for Industry 4.0. It provides a proven five-point plan to help companies navigate their digital journeys to unlock trapped productivity without compromising safety. 

While adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and implementing Industry 4.0 is becoming increasingly essential to stay relevant and grow, companies are still unclear on the process of moving from limited proof of concepts and pilots to full scale implementation across their plants. The white paper addresses the need for tangible returns, ambitious leadership and scalable platform architecture.

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