Megatrends in Industrial IoT – a Perspective from a Convergence Practitioner

10 October 2018, London, UK – QiO CEO Baz Khuti will present today at Redburn's Capital Goods Conference in London. Mr. Khuti’s presentation is titled “Megatrends in Industrial IoT – a Perspective from a Convergence Practitioner” with a question and answer session following the presentation. QiO was invited to provide the conference attendees from leading financial institutions expertise and insights based on the successful development and implementation of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence software as well as QiO’s industry leading IIoT platform which enables global industrials and manufacturers to quickly improve operational efficiency, productivity and safety.

The conference is part of an ongoing series from Redburn, a distinguished independent equity research and execution firm. Redburn research and conferences are designed to deliver industrial intelligence that is thought-leading, relevant and actionable. Redburn was founded in 2003 with headquarters located in London, England.

Mr. Khuti’s presentation “Megatrends in Industrial IoT – a Perspective from a Convergence Practitioner” covers the latest developments in Industrial IoT as well as insights into the broader Industry 4.0 approach to automation and data exchange. Attendees will also learn why manufacturers must adopt and deploy advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics, 3-D printing, and digital software technologies like cloud, mobile, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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